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Samantha Joughin

Sling consultant/Exercise Practitioner

01900 66375

I started carrying when my youngest was born. I purchased a stretchy wrap from my local selling site and struggled to get it fitted well but it did the job. My children were really close in age and my husband works shifts so the carrier allowed me to do everyday tasks such as make dinner, settle hands free etc.

I attended a sling library session with Carlisle sling library after I had already been carrying my daughter for a year, the lovely Jo pointed me in the right direction for training to start my own library and helped introduce me to Ginny who was local and had a passion to help share the sling love.

I attended school of baby wearing peer support training in Sept 2016 and decided to book "sling a baby" consultation training so I could extend my knowledge further. I have also competed my pre and post natal level 3 fitness training, level 3 Pilates and Burrell education pelvic floor and core workshops, which have helped me develop a post natal exercise class which will be delivered in our Workington centre


Peer supporter

01900 66375

I started carrying when my first child was born in 2010. I bought a narrow based carrier from a high street store and used it for several months, until I found it was becoming less comfortable to use as my child grew.

When I had my second child in 2014, I turned to the internet to find a sling that would better suit my needs. I joined various advice groups on social media, and soon bought a stretchy wrap. Babywearing quickly became a tool I couldn't be without, as a single parent to a high needs newborn who suffered from reflux and feeding issues early on, alongside the daily tasks of parenting a 4 year old. Since then, I have used a variety of slings and carried my child through toddlerhood.

I attended meetings at Carlisle Sling Library, where I met Sam. She shared my passion for babywearing, and had the inspiration to form a local sling library service. In Dec 2017 I completed my babywearing peer supporter training with Sling School Ltd, to further my knowledge and help me support other caregivers with their carrying needs. I now assist Sam at our sling meet events, providing advice and help and sharing the slingy love.

Volunteers needed!

No training needed

01900 66375

We are desperate for volunteers to widen the reach of our amazing service, if you feel you could volunteer please click the email button. Volunteers are all provided with peer support training, safeguarding and have opportunities to attend further skills training

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